The Jake Yorath Quiz: #3

Welcome to the slightly-difficult or sometimes fiendishly-hard motorsporting quiz. There’s a series of questions, and one answer links all of them. Good luck!

  1. What gave Murrary Walker a lump in his throat?
  2. DMACK tyres took this young lad to his first WRC victory, driving a Ford Fiesta WRC, at the 2017 Wales Rally GB.
  3. Which American entity is on the verge of a place on the F1 grid?
  4. Who won the 1950 24 Hours of Le Mans?
  5. I shared my given name with my father – him a Graham, me a Graeme – and a profession, too. Who am I?
  6. Who won the 2021 Moto2 World Championship?
  7. A Briton with a career that’s touched IMSA, Formula E, DTM, and WEC, he’s recently stepped into IndyCar after impressing in the Acura GTP.
  8. This Finn was a stalwart for SEAT’s rally program, taking a single podium, before a switch to Peugeot earned him his one and only WRC win.

Ready for the answers? Click here.