Cyan Racing, 2023

Having worked with Cyan Racing before – see the project here – it was cool to be asked to once again prepare celebratory graphics for the team once again being top of the world. On this occasion, Lynk & Co Cyan Racing were crowned TCR World Tour team’s champion, their ninth world championship. Quite incredible, really.

Several variants were produced, with different results in mind as well as the client’s preference. The previous work we’d produced focused on a minimalist illustration, but this time the brief was to involve photos of the team in collage form. This is always a challenge, as the client wanted celebration photos of the drivers, and each had celebrated in a totally different way under entirely different lighting conditions! Matching these under tight time pressure was the hardest part of the job, without doubt.

The final result was received very well, and I was extremely pleased with the balance I was able to create with such disparate imagery.

Images, top to bottom: The chosen design features the drivers celebrating, the cars in convoy, a backwashed photo of the team celebrating to add texture, and nine of the bespoke celebration wreaths I’ve produced for the team, in Instagram portrait…; …and social media story size; The alternate design featured a team winning photo, in Instagram portrait…; …and social media story size.