The Jake Yorath Quiz: #2

Welcome to the slightly-difficult or sometimes fiendishly-hard motorsporting quiz. There’s a series of questions, and one answer links all of them. Good luck!

  1. Who’s not bad, for a number 2 driver?
  2. This company started out making tractors, then shocked the world by putting an engine the wrong way around, in a beautiful sports car.
  3. Seb Vettel predicted that the Miami Grand Prix 2060 would be underwater. But which F1 Grand Prix was abandoned because of flooding in 2023?
  4. From being a long-term Ferrari GT racing stalwart, this Italian switched to Porsche in 2018.
  5. Which university sponsored a trio of Ferraris at the 1980 24 Hours of Le Mans?
  6. Who crossed the Monza finish line backwards, and in the air, after crashing into his team-mate on the final lap of the 1993 Italian Grand Prix?
  7. If I mention penne all’arrabbiata, French jeans, F1 prequalifying, a friend with a false name, and La Sarthe, whose biography am I writing?
  8. Who’s the oldest driver on the 2023 Formula 1 grid?

Ready for the answers? Click here.