The Jake Yorath Quiz: #1

Welcome to the slightly-difficult or sometimes fiendishly-hard motorsporting quiz. There’s a series of questions, and one answer links all of them. Good luck!

  1. Which short-lived F1 constructor partnered, very briefly, with Subaru to run their flat-12 engine?
  2. What colour do you find at the centre of the “meatball” flag, telling a driver they have a mechanical issue?
  3. Hinwil was the birth place of which Le Mans-winning race car?
  4. Which Cumbrian rally driver and preparation expert founded M-Sport?
  5. I’m Petter’s son, and Henning’s nephew. Who am I?
  6. What’s the name of Donington Park’s first turn?
  7. What links a load of lead shot, “The Boss”, Finnish telecoms and Jean Alesi?
  8. Which Finnish city hosted a street race for the FIA GT series in 1997?

Ready for the answers? Click here.