Caffeine&Machine Thunderbolt Hot Rodders’ Union

As part of our partnership, Caffeine&Machine asked me to help brand their hot rod culture event. At the time I came to it, there was no name and only a loose idea of a brand. I came up with Thunderbolt Hot Rodders’ Union, with the hand grasping the bolt immediately at the forefront of my mind – I knew this could be used across multiple uses and work beautifully in a logo. From there I developed the shield and script logos, with bolt shape built in.  These logos must be used across purposes from stickers, to tees, hats, social media, etc, so they had to be simple and clear, but distinctive. I also made sure both the shield and script were usable across a variety of backgrounds – the third image below shows the shield in single-, two- and three-colour form, retaining its distinctive identity and working perfectly across multiple printing situations.