It’s no secret that I love GT racing, so it’s no surprise that the 24 Hours of Spa is a special race in my heart. It was the first race I travelled abroad to see, and it also saw some of my career highlights working as PR for the Marc VDS Racing Team for several years. When, then, I was asked if I would be interested in producing the key art for the race for the 2023 edition of the race, I was deeply honoured. Of course, I rushed to say yes!

The brief was to create a piece that fit into a pantheon of classic posters the event has produced for decades, while bringing a distinct and modern style to the art. On top of this, we had to ensure that Crowdstrike, the main partner of the event, was front and centre with their AMG GT3. Accuracy is important to me, so I wanted to ensure that whichever part of the circuit I portrayed, I did so with a feeling that replicated not only the circuit but the visceral energy of being trackside at a major GT3 event. With that in mind, the rush down to Eau Rouge was the perfect part of the track to use, and I was very pleased with the effect of speed and adrenaline that the art creates.

Images, top to bottom: I was responsible for the poster’s complete layout, adjusting the various elements to ensure balance; The key art without poster elements; A tight crop to show some illustration detail.